• Deposit, if you have one 
  • Mortgage costs; the following may apply
    o Arrangement fee
    o Product booking fee
    o Valuation fee
    o High-percentage lending fee, also known as a mortgage indemnity guarantee(MIG)
    o Cost to transfer funds (from lender to solicitor)
  • Additional surveys
  • Solicitor / conveyancing / legal fees:
    o Land Registry searches
    o Local authority search fee
    o Land Registration fee
    o Bank transfer fee
  • Stamp duty: 
    o Property prices 
    o 0 - 125,000                Zero
    o 125,001-250,000     1%
    o 250,001-500,000     3%
    o 500,001+                     4%
  • Moving costs
  • New furnishings
  • Gas, electric, water supply and telephone connections etc
  • Internal/external redecoration work
  • Insurances
    o Life Assurance
    o Buildings & Contents Insurance
    o Mortgage payment protection cover
  • Mail redirection
  • Emergency fund its a good idea to set aside some money in case things go wrong