Selling and moving

Movers checklist

Moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do, but working through our checklist should take some of the worry out of organising a move.

Arranging the move

  • Book the removal firm if you’re using one, give at least two weeks’ notice
  • Hire removal boxes or tea chests for packing
  • Arrange for the professional disconnection of any gas appliances you are taking, give seven days’ notice
  • Arrange for the final readings of gas/electricity/water meters, give 48 hours’ notice
  • Arrange for your final telephone bill, see if you can transfer your existing number to your new home
  • Cancel standing orders or direct debits from your bank account in favour of your existing home
  • Cancel deliveries of newspapers, milk and so on, settle your accounts before you move out
  • Defrost the fridge/freezer, if you intend to move with a freezer filled with food, turn it up to maximum for a   few days before the move
  • Arrange to have your mail redirected; Royal Mail will redirect your post automatically to your new home.  The   cost, per surname, is around £6 for a month; £13 for three months; and £30 for a year (costs stated, as at   April 2006)
  • Check that your possessions are insured during the move
  • Read the meters, on the day of the move take final readings for gas, electricity and water

Who to notify

  • The water company
  • Your gas supplier
  • Your electricity supplier
  • The phone company
  • Banks, building societies, and credit card companies
  • The council tax departments…in the area you live now, and in the area you are moving to
  • Your home insurer
  • Your car insurer – make sure that you are covered at your new address
  • Your pension and life insurance providers, if appropriate
  • Rental companies if you rent your TV or video
  • The TV licensing authority
  • The DVLA to change the address on your driving licence
  • Your doctor, dentist and optician
  • Your employer


DO check the contract if you are using a removal firm.  Be clear on exactly what the firm will do and what happens if anything gets damaged during the move

DO use a company that belongs to the British Association of Removers (tel: 020 8861 3331) or visit

DON’T notify anyone of the change of address before the contracts are exchanged – if the move falls through you’ll have to notify everyone again

DON’T leave things to the last minute.  Taking down items such as wall lights, shelves, mirrors and pictures will be more time-consuming than you expect

DON’T pack clothes and things you don’t need.  Some removal firms have an OXBOXX scheme – you put all your unwanted goods in boxes, label them and the removal company delivers them to the nearest Oxfam.

DO pack a box with essentials.  This should include a kettle, tea bags, coffee, milk, a screwdriver, loo rolls, and light bulbs.  Keep this box with you, along with important documents, telephone numbers you may need, cash and valuables and the keys to your new home.

Information taken from 'What mortgage & remortgage' publication June 2006